Watling & Co.

Maritime & Commercial Solicitors

A Brief Explanation

We are a small law firm specialising in Maritime and Commercial law. We have enormous experience in our chosen areas. We are committed to providing our clients with a very high level of service. We pride ourselves on our ability to examine disputes, whatever the value, and advise clearly on the central issues. This enables clients to understand the matter from an English Law perspective at a very early stage and decide the level of risk that they are prepared to accept and the level of commitment that they are prepared to make. Once the client has decided upon a course of action, they can expect us to fight their corner vigorously, our objective being to achieve their expectations.

We like to establish long-term relations and excellent links with our clients so that, by understanding their business objectives, we can make sure that we will always act in their very best interests.


Contract of Carriage

  1. Voyage, time, demise charterparties, pool and slot agreements
  2. Connecting carrier agreements
  3. Bills of Lading
  4. Contracts of affreightment
  5. Customised carriage agreements
  6. Cargo damage claims for cargo interests, ship interests, charterer’s interests.

Commercial Contracts Generally

  1. Contracts for the sale and purchase of commodities, ship sale and purchase
  2. Building, repairing and conversion contracts
  3. Marine insurance and re-insurance matters
  4. Ship management and ship broking agreements.


At Watling & Co. we have over four decades of in-house English Maritime Law expertise to call upon. Our principal has worked exclusively in City-based Maritime Law firms continuously since 1985, undertaking the widest possible scope of wet and dry cases and specialising in London Arbitration and English Court cases of both very high and low value, with several successful appearances before the English Appeal Courts.

Over the years, we have established excellent relations with clients, specialist Barristers’ Chambers and technical experts.

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